28. NOV. 2016 – 29. NOV. 2016

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 is organised by the Hungarian Government in cooperation with the World Water Council, under the patronage of János Áder, President of Hungary.  The mission of the Summit aims that instead of conflicts and global risks water shall be the source of cooperation, peace and development for all the countries committed to sustainable development. To this end, participants of the Budapest Water Summit 2016 will lay down their proposed solutions for the relevant international bodies by adopting the „Budapest Statement 2016”.

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 – including parallel events (thematic forums and expo) – will be held between 28 and 30 November 2016 in Budapest, at Millenáris Park.

Pragmatic and solution oriented Summit

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 is particularly reliant on the Budapest Water Summit 2013, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by UN Member States as well as on the success and results of Paris Climate Summit.

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 will be attended by, inter alia, experts, professionals and officials from UN specialized agencies of water, sanitation and sustainable water management, other relevant Hungarian and international organisations, governments as well as business and academic communities, who can contribute to the implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals related to water.

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 will serve as a strategic platform to link political decision-makers closer to technology development, financing and public perceptions A further objective of the event is to give a momentum to the practical implementation of sustainable development goals adopted for the period of 2015 to 2030 and the Paris Climate Agreement within the UN 21st Climate Conference in terms of water management including the institutional framework reforms as necessary.

A high-level stock-taking event

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 will be the first global conference that can summarize the results achieved since the Sustainable Development Goals were adopted and, in addition, can  contribute to setting out tasks for the following 15 years.

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 will take place half way between two significant global events: the 2015 Daegu and the 2018 Brasilia World Water fora and will serve as an important milestone preparing the 2018 global water event as well as a follow- up the event in 2015.

For more information please visit: http://www.budapestwatersummit.hu/

The 4th ERRA Workshop on Water Regulation will be held on November 28-29, 2016 in Budapest, Hungary as an associated event of the Budapest Water Summit.

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